Finding interested buyers is a difficult and time-consuming process. When discussing financing, this can be made more difficult. Buyers are often unsure of the financial requirements (down payments and monthly loan payments) required to purchase and operate a business. Our Quick Response Form™ provides realistic scenarios to buyers by outlining the financial requirements. Prequalifying buyers, determining financing ability, and increasing financing options for potential buyers can assist you and your client (the seller). This is all included when you join the Broker Advantage Program.

The Broker Advantage Program Can:

Broaden Your Base of Potential Buyers
Lender financing allows for lower down payments which enable more buyers to qualify for your business listing. Longer-term loans also give buyers a more affordable monthly payment and a complete financing package may make the purchase more feasible.
Prequalify Your Buyers Quickly
We will help evaluate your candidate’s ability to secure financing upfront. Why wait weeks to find out whether your buyer may qualify for financing when you can know within hours? Our fast response will help you determine whether to hold the listing or move on to other buyers.
Increase Your Closure Rate
Our expertise and access to aggressive lenders saves you time and improves the success rate for loan applications. Why submit a loan application blindly without understanding the feasibility first? Let us move your buyer forward so you can sell more businesses.
Increase Customer Satisfaction
We professionally complete loan applications, track missing paperwork, and work with your buyer while keeping you informed of the progress.
Speed Your Process Up
Once we collect all the required information, you can expect a loan commitment in 10-15 business days!
Membership Advantages:
  • We review your listings and offer financing options
  • Guaranteed Quick Response Form™ provided within 48 hours
  • Ongoing progress reports on application status
  • Streamlined seller information checklist
  • Notification of commitment within minutes of approval
  • 7 to 10 day approvals after application submission
  • We screen all buyers – saving you time and money
  • Our large source of aggressive lenders makes us your sole source for getting deals done!
  • Simple business listing screening