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By Steve Mariani

MAY 5, 2020

With the way the Paycheck Protection Program was written into law, funds for it were tied in with funds for the SBA 7(a) loan program. With the P.P.P. expecting to run out of money quickly, the 7(a) program could be shutdown until June 30, 2020. This is going to become a problem for everyone involved with 7(a), including brokers, lenders, and others.

The Business Brokers of Florida, along with Emery Ellinger of Aberdeen Advisors, Lynne Singletary of Bank United, Deborah Carman of Carman Law Firm, and ourselves have been working closely together to create this petition. This petition calls for P.P.P. allocation changes so that the 7(a) program is not shut down when P.P.P. funds run out. This is needed for our industry, small businesses, and the well being of our country.

We ask you for your support in signing this petition.


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