Service and commitment are what we are all about.
Q: Are there any upfront fees for your service?
A: Diamond Financial Services collects a $1,000 lender letter acceptance fee that is fully refundable at time of loan closing.
Q: Do you charge any other fees?
A: This deposit fee is the only fee we ever collect from a client and it is not collected until we secure a lender for the client’s transaction and the client accepts the lender’s terms. The fee is fully refundable upon closing of your loan.
Q: Is this fee refundable?
A: This fee is understood to be non-refundable at the time of application submission and only becomes refundable upon loan closing.
Q: When do you charge this fee?
A: We will collect the fee after a “term sheet” has been secured from our preferred lender and accpeted by the borrower.
Consulting Services Provided:
  • Loan consultation and feedback throughout the financing process, from the initial LOI to closing, including our assistance in the proper preparation of your PFS (personal financial statement) and resume
  • Assistance with, review, and adjustment of your business plan
  • Assistance with, review, and adjustment of the financial projections for your new business
  • Professional presentation of loan documents to our preferred SBA lenders
  • Work with lender towards loan commitment, answering questions, etc.
  • After loan commitment, work with you and the lender on all documentation needed by the lender’s underwriting and closing departments
  • Work with all parties to insure a successful loan closing and funding