Get pre-qualified today! Stop sending your personal information around the country to view business listings. Send it to us once for the very last time. After discussing your options and determining the right business size for you, we will provide you with our DFS “Opinion Letter” to confirm to sellers and brokers your ability to secure financing. We are the only contact you need when being pre-qualified to secure business financing.

Let brokers know that you’re serious about buying a business by handing them your signed letter coming directly from the nation’s number one source for business loans, Diamond Financial. By spending a few minutes with one of our experienced business finance consultants, you will have a better understanding of what size business you should be exploring, what size down payment will be required, and what type of personal assets will be used as collateral. We will also teach you some business and industry standards that you can use to properly evaluate a business you’re considering. Let us help screen your potential acquisition target and structure your deal, all at no cost or obligation. You can begin today by downloading the forms on the right and sending them to our office. Our pre-qualification letter gives YOU the power!

Put the nation’s number one source for business loans to work for you! Contact us today at 888.238.0952

For a buyer pre-qual we require the following:

  • SBA PFS Form 413 and PCFA
  • A recent credit report (or authorization to pull credit)
  • Resume’ on buyer(s)
  • Statements showing down payment money (IRA, bank, brokerage, HELOC)

A pre-qual can be turned around within 2 to 4 hours.


Here are the initial pages you will need to complete