Diamond Financial has helped brokers close deals since 1996. We work with business brokers securing acquisition financing from aggressive institutional lenders. Our services range from pre-screening applicants, to supporting buyers throughout the application process, to securing loan commitments, and providing guidance through loan closing.
Broker Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets DFS apart from the rest?

  • We close 94% of our accepted loan requests
  • 3 days for a yes or no answer, guaranteed
  • Same name and management team since 1996

Do you pay fees?

  • We do not buy business, as we are customer service (and broker) oriented. Providing a superior client experience is our top priority and we believe that closing 94% of your transactions will be of value to you

Why should we consider using DFS?

  • Bank employee turnover rates can exceed 53% in a single year. We have been SBA-only providers since inception and have closed over $1 billion in transactions. SBA is typically a very small percentage of any bank’s portfolio, but it is our ONLY business
  • One of the largest SBA lenders in the nation admitted to us that they approved <29% of all SBA transactions they receive, leaving many without financing
  • Every week, many national lenders count on us for advice on specific SBA rules

What do we receive by using DFS?

  • Consistent, positive results
  • 94% success rate
  • Working with the recognized experts
  • Answers within days, not weeks, guaranteed!
QR™ Summary
Have a business or listing that needs lending pre-qualification? Use our QuickResponse™ summary! We analyze the cash flows of the business and determine if it is eligible for SBA financing with a qualified buyer.

Items that will be needed to issue our QR™ are:

  • Last 3 complete year tax returns
  • Most recent month end profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Broker add-back sheet showing SDE or cash flow
  • History or summary of the business
Buyer Pre-Qualification
After discussing options and determining the right business size for your buyer, we will provide them with our DFS “Opinion Letter” to confirm their ability to secure financing.

Items that will be needed to issue our pre-qual:

  • SBA PFS Form 413 and PCFA forms
  • A recent credit report (or authorization to pull credit)
  • Resume’ on buyer(s)
  • Statements showing down payment money (IRA, bank, brokerage, HELOC)

A pre-qual can be turned around within 2 to 4 hours.

The Broker Advantage Program
For honest problem solving solutions on SBA structuring, rules, changes, and any other questions you might have in relation to lenders and the SBA, join the Broker Advantage Program today!