Diamond Financial has helped brokers close deals since 1996. We work with business brokers securing acquisition financing from aggressive institutional lenders. Our services range from pre-screening applicants, to supporting buyers throughout the application process, to securing loan commitments and going through loan closing.
Serving only the broker market since 1996
Most of our brokers make $500,000+
Just ask us how!
A standard sample broker package:

Broker FAQ and Information

What sets Diamond Financial apart from the rest?

  • We close over 94% of our accepted loan requests
  • 3 days for a yes or no answer, guaranteed
  • Same name and management team since 1996

Do you pay fees?

  • We do not buy business, as we are customer service (and broker) oriented. Providing a superior client experience is our top priority and we believe that closing 94% of your transactions will be of value

Why should we consider using DFS?

  • Bank employee turnover rates can exceed 53% in a single year. We have been SBA-transaction only providers since inception and have closed over $1 billion in transactions. SBA is typically a very small percentage of any bank portfolio, but at DFS it is our ONLY business
  • One of the largest SBA lenders in the nation admitted to us that they approved <29% of all SBA transactions they receive. Less than 1/3 is approved
  • Every week, many national lenders count on us for advice on specific SBA rules

By using Diamond Financial you will receive:

  • Consistent, positive results
  • 94% success rate
  • Working with the recognized experts.
  • Answers within days, not weeks, guaranteed!

QR™ Form

To provide our QR™ form (business pre-qualification) we will need the following:

  1. Last 2 complete year tax returns
  2. Current interim statements, P/L and balance sheet
  3. Broker add-back sheet showing SDE or cash flow
  4. History/summary of the business

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with any type of financing questions you may have. We would like to be your #1 source for everything SBA. We are here to help you with structuring questions and can assist you in interpreting the confusing SBA rules and regulations.

We offer a FREE service of structuring SBA loans and offering SBA answers at:

This service is 100% confidential and your email address will NOT be shared or solicited in any way.

Diamond Financial Buyer Pre-Qual Requirements

For a buyer pre-qual we require the following:

  • SBA PFS Form 413 and PCFA forms
  • Authorization to pull credit (or you can provide a recent report)
  • Resume’ on buyer(s)
  • Bank statements or accounts showing down payment money (ie; Current HELOC statement, IRA, Bank, etc.)

A pre-qual can be turned around within 2 to 4 hours.

A typical example of a Quick Response form

An Opinion Letter