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What clients say about Augie

Hi Steve,

My name is Jackie Serafin and I just closed on a loan today that Augie Leuchten arranged for us.

Augie helped my partner, Tony and me with our SBA loan to start an ‘Edible Arrangements’ store. Our loan process started way back in April and wasn’t simple from the get go. Our first bump was my marital status, I’ve been happily separated from my husband for the past 9 years but still legally married. I didn’t want my husband to be involved in the loan process at all and Augie made that happen. After we had a loan all worked out with ‘CIT’, they decided that they weren’t giving out any more SBA loans due to the economy spiraling downward. At this point we already had our life savings invested into this business and were terrified that another loan wouldn’t come around so easily.

Augie was on the ball trying to save our loan with CIT and held our hand throughout the whole process. Despite everyone’s hard work the loan obviously fell through. Augie went into damage control mode immediately, he was upfront and honest with us from the very start. He didn’t hide the fact that securing another loan was going to be very tough but promised to help us as much as he could. That is exactly what Augie did, he was always available to us, Tony and I both spoke to Augie many times over the weekend or past 5pm during the week. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else putting the heart and effort into our project like Augie did. I never received a phone call from him that didn’t include some kind of plan or how to proceed further. There were never any ‘I’ll get back to yous’ or ‘I don’t knows’, Augie had a backup plan at all times.

Eventually we got to a point where a decision had to be made – do we abandon all the money and work that went into this business or do we take a chance to move forward. After hearing Augie say that he will stand behind us all the way and will somehow make something happen, the decision was a ‘no brainer’. I knew that I could trust this man’s word (which is so rare these days) and decided that I’ll do whatever it takes as long as we have Augie. After much searching he was finally able to secure another loan for us – Augie found a bank that didn’t require any more money from us and was willing to deal with my squirrely marital status.

I don’t have a doubt in my mind that anyone else would’ve abandoned us with a quick ‘sorry’ and never looked back once things got rocky. I can write you a whole book on how well Augie Leuchten handled our situation and it still wouldn’t even begin to cover it. Tony and I are both so grateful that our file fell into his lap.

We plan on opening more stores in the future and Augie will be our first and only choice for a loan broker. He is a true professional and shines like no other.

Augie – once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot describe our gratitude.

Best Regards,
Jackie and Tony