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What we offer

Locating an SBA lender may be easy, properly preparing the documentation and submitting it for approval is not. Diamond Financial works with the most respected SBA lenders in the country and consistently secures loan approvals for our clients. We focus on honest answers and conduct due diligence upfront, prior to receiving any fees. We have over 17 years of SBA loan experience.

If you are looking to purchase an existing business and have the skills to manage it, then we have a program for you. With 10%-25% down payment we have the lenders to finance your new company.

Diamond Financial is the one source for many franchisors around the country that provides turnkey assistance to your prospective franchisees. We prepare all documents, projections and project cost summaries required to secure financing.

If you're a business broker located within the United States, then this program is designed for you. It includes our own "Quick Response"™ form along with many other membership advantages to get those deals structured, approved and closed. Learn More

If you have a strong business plan, experience with the product, and the desire to make it a reality, then we have access to some of the most aggressive lenders in the country waiting to view your start-up application.

What we do

SBA 7(a) LOANS (400K - 5 Million)

The 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program is the SBA’s primary program reducing the risk to lenders by guaranteeing major portions of the loans written to small businesses in America. This guarantee enables the lenders to provide financing to businesses when funding is otherwise unavailable to reasonable terms. The eligibility requirements and credit criteria of the program are very broad to accommodate a wide range of financing needs.

Diamond Financial specializes in providing larger SBA loans and works with the country’s most aggressive non-bank SBA lenders daily, insuring the greatest chance for your business’s success. We are the nation’s #1 source for SBA loans.

One of our finance experts will work with each of our clients through every step of securing financing. Beginning with the initial loan structuring all the way through the closing to insure customer success.

We specialize in the larger goodwill transactions based on cash flow and not collateral and have been since 1996. Experience the true difference and receive 100% attention as you secure an approval.